The Strings Club

Your Ukulele Journey

Welcome to the start of your Ukulele journey. Thank you for
purchasing your new instrument. To help you get started A-Star Music and
3rd Avenue have partnered with The Strings Club to create a learning
launch pad.

Below you will find a number of resources compiled by the experts at the
Strings Club that will help you get playing in no time!


Download your own PDF Ukulele Songbook by the Strings Club to track your progress and start building the fundamentals for playing the Ukulele.

Online Videos

Furthermore, you have access to The Strings Club video guides for beginners, enabling you to get to grips with your instrument and get your first tune out of it!

The Strings Club

Book Your Free Session

Book in for a free session with The Strings Club for their Ukulele Extravaganza. This runs once a month, follow the link below to arrange this.